Gerry's Puzzle: Dark Threads in the Tapestry

I'm part of a FB page called While We’re Waiting for parents who have lost a child. Everybody who joins writes “…and this is not a group I ever wanted to join...”

As I watch you share the background for The Puzzle Factory I see what pain has etched on your face. I have pictures of Panchita and I from the good years, and think, "I didn't know what pain was back then—but I do now."

I happened to be reviewing the list of the fruit of the Spirit and noticed "long-suffering." I shivered and thought, "I'm not looking forward to developing that gift/fruit." Father whispered, "Daughter, you have already gone through that.." 

I also have to say, "I didn't know the deep comfort of God either, but I've learned." 

Chris, your face and words and compassion show the beautiful marks of the suffering of Christ being lived out in your journey. I'm honored to be counted worthy to be a mother to not just Panchita but to wipe the tears of others. I think that God treasures our words of faith and hope and comfort that come from the depths of broken hearts and rivers of tears, more than we can imagine. The thoughts of Job and David in the depths of despair; the laments of Jeremiah, God's weeping spokesman; Rachel weeping for her children because they are not—these all resonate with our hearts. Did they know that their anguish and rage would speak to people thousands of years later, in our brokenness? No, but God preserved them because they are a precious part of the story, dark threads in the tapestry.