Cristóbal's Puzzle: "Let Me Have My Son"

This is the book that inspired Cris to make The Puzzle Factory. The contents of its pages were not originally intended for publication. Let Me Have My Son contains, primarily, letters written on behalf of his son, Daniel, who at the time had been a patient in mental hospitals in Virginia and Mexico for seven years. The letters were written—usually once a month—to friends asking them to pray for him, his situation, and his family.

As the letters accumulated…

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Brian and Ahmed's Puzzle: Post Traumatic Stress

I thought I was helping with a practical situation. I knew that Ahmed had lost his wife and daughter in an explosion in Damascus. (He showed me the video from his phone before I even knew what he was showing--images which I can never unsee again.) But I was unaware of the many steps he had taken since his departure from Syria, via Turkey and eventually to Germany. Steps that indicated a serious problem with the fallout from what happened to his wife, daughter, and son.

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