About the Film

An aging father, informed that his son has recovered from schizophrenia, travels to the state mental hospital to take him home, only to discover he’s nowhere to be found. 

This is the storyline of The Puzzle Factory, a semi-autobiographical, emotion-laden tale of a father coming to grips with his son’s devastating mental illness. The topic could not be timelier; the National Institute of Mental Health reports that fully 1 out of 5 of our nation’s children now suffer from debilitating mental disorders.

The Puzzle Factory is an ultimately hopeful postscript to the writer-director’s compelling journey with his firstborn son, Daniel, as told in Let Me Have My Son, published in 2007. Learn more at Amazon

“The poignant and powerful cry of a father who refuses to abandon hope when all hope is gone. Krusen inspires with honest transparency.”
Robert Whitlow